Why you should take time to clean out your PC's vents.
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Why you should take time to clean out your PC’s vents.

Why you should take time to clean out your PC’s vents.


Whether you’re on a desktop or laptop, take time to clean out your computer’s vents, especially if you have pets at home. Loose fur or dust can create the vents to clog up and prevents your fans from properly ventilating your machine. One of the worst things that can happen to a computer is overheating. Most often, overheating will cause the power supply to fail and possibly damage the motherboard. In other words, costly repairs!

There are at least two fans that keep the processor cool. The processor exhaust fan sucks air from the intake vents and pulls the air across the disk drive and electrical components, thus removing the heat generated by these components. The second fan is on the power supply. Failure of either of these two fans can cause major trouble and, ultimately, computer failure.

It’s best to free the dust periodically before it accumulates into giant dust balls that can potentially prevent the fan from spinning. The easiest way to perform a cleanse is to disconnect your machine from all connections, take the machine outside and use compressed air to free up the dust from the interior of the machine. Trust me, you do not want this dust inside of your home, taking it outside will liberate you of having to deal with dust bunnies flying everywhere. If for whatever reason you do not want to unplug your machine to take outside to clean, please make sure that your computer is completely off.

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