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What is a Hackintosh?


What does Hackintosh mean?

Hackintosh is a type of computer in which a non-Macintosh or unsupported computer is converted to run a Mac OS. The Hackintosh technique allows an x86 and/or x86-64 processor architecture to run operating systems from the Mac OS X family and is designed through jail breaking or modifying a Mac OS for compatibility on x86 processors. In other words, one can run Mac OSX on a Windows Machine.

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Does it work on any PC?

While there are hundreds of compatible systems for building a Hackintosh, some might not have important drivers to make the operation smooth.


Even if you purchase the recommended hardware, your first build can leave you scratching your head wondering why the installation didn’t go through. There’s always going to be something, this is a project for those who love to tinker. Even if you follow the steps 100% your hard drive might be too new causing the system to have a kernel panic. The Hackintosh community is growing everyday so chances are that someone had the same issue and can guide you to troubleshoot the issue.

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The beauty of building your very own Hackintosh machine is having the elegance of Mac OS with the versatility of a “PC”. With a Hackintosh one can hook up multiple monitors, unlike on a iMac where it only supports one or two other external monitors.

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