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Water Damage Devices – There’s still hope!

Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our phones accidentally and some of us have even dropped it in water! Sometimes that waterproof case you bought online isn’t as waterproof as you thought. If you find yourself with a non-responsive phone after being introduced to water, fear not, there’s still hope!
Depending on the type of water the phone made contact with, there’s a good chance that the data or the phone itself is recoverable. The best thing one can do in this situation is to turn off the phone and DO NOT attempt to charge it. Water and electricity do not mix! Charging a wet phone may lead to a fried logic board. When a logic board is fried, chances of being able to repair or recover data decreases tremendously.


Many people believe that placing the phone in a bag of rice will dry out the phone completely but it only does so much. If your phone was completely submerged in water, more than likely there’s water sitting inside of your phone. It’s easier for water to go in than it is out. Water tends to sit and dry on logic boards causing corrosion to surround the logic board tiny components.
We recommend not using or charging the phone until you have it fully inspected to ensure your phone’s longevity. If the phone shows no signs of life we can clean the logic board and test to see what components have been damaged, usually all it may need is a cleaning and a new battery.

In most situations, phones that come in contact with salt water are usually beyond repair, especially if you wait more than a day to have it inspected.

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