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The rise of drones.


Drones seem to be everywhere now, at first it began being a hobby for most people. Ever since camera mounted FPV (First Person View) technology became available, people up to no good have been using this technology to harm or create trouble. The ease and availability of obtaining a drone capable of carrying small packages is very easy to do. One could get one online or at their local store. The popularity has definitely gone up in just a couple of years and just this year the FFA has made it mandatory for everyone over 13 years of age to register their craft. With the rise of drones and cases, researchers are steady coming up with new ways to counter any unwanted drones in air space.

US nonprofit Battelle Memorial Institute developed and tested the unique anti-drone beam-gun “Drone Defender”. The drone jamming system is a portable ray-gun designed to beam radio linkage between a UAV and the operator with consequent safe landing of the intercepted drone. During the development of the “Drone Defender” the main emphasis was put on the portability, accuracy and handleability of the “point and shoot” gun.

Unfortunately, this method will only work on a handful of drones. Drone technology has become very sophisticated that in some models and especially hand made models, overtaking control is near impossible.

Another sure way of taking down a rogue drone would be this net bazooka that shoots a projectile which then wraps a net around the drone. Once the drone has been caught in the net, a parachute shoots up to slowly bring the drone down. This is important so that forensics team can possibly find the culprit.

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