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Run Android on any PC.

Run Android on any PC


For quite some time, people have been working on a way to bridge an Android platform OS that’s fully compatible with any PC system. There have been a few workarounds in the past but all with a few critical bugs such as Wifi not working, bluetooth not working or apps closing out randomly. Remix OS and run it free of charge on whatever PC you might have around the house. Remix OS is an Android fork that brings over a Windows-like Android experience. Jide, the company founded by former Googlers, has decided to make the operating system available free of charge for anyone looking to run Android on their computer.

One key thing about this software is the ability to take your entire preferences and settings with you, everywhere you go. Remix OS can run from your USB so you can use virtually any computer to access your system. It’s worth noting that not only will this work with x86 PC’s but will also work with some Macs as well.

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