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Revive your slow and old PC with Ubuntu

Revive your slow and old PC with Ubuntu

lubuntu 12.10

Most of us have an older PC that doesn’t get turned on at all and is just hanging around the house. Main reason why people stop using older machines is simply because of the lack of performance. More than likely you can still find a use for your older machine. If you have an old Windows XP PC or a netbook, you can revive it with a lightweight Linux system.


All of Linux distributions can run from a live USB drive, so you could even boot them directly from a USB drive. This may be faster than installing them to the computer’s slow, aging hard drive. Ubuntu live USB can run with persistence space, meaning that your flash drive can be used as the main hard drive while the very same flash drive runs the operating system. In theory, one can use a Linux Live USB with any computer, even if it’s password protected since it runs through the flash drive and not the main computers password protected hard drive.

System requirements:
700 MHz processor (about Intel Celeron or better)
512 MiB RAM (system memory) or 1GB for Youtube and Netflix
5 GB of hard-drive space (or USB stick, memory card or external drive but see LiveCD for an alternative approach)
VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution
Either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media

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