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Reasons why your battery drains quickly.

Reasons why your battery drains quickly

It’s easy to lose track of your battery percentage when you’re really into watching a video, playing a game or browsing the web. Phones have come a long way these past few years but one thing stays the same, a need to constantly charge your device. To some, it may seem that the battery drains at the same rate as their previous phones. While this may be true, we have to think about how much we actually use our devices and the purpose they serve. There’s no doubt that an old Blackberry lasts days without seeing a charge but the same Blackberry doesn’t do what a modern day iPhone does. Our phones are constantly multitasking and running processes in the background to keep your phone running smooth, at times we might be asking it to do too much for us at once which causes the battery to drain quickly.

Here are some tips that may help reduce battery consumption:

#1 Turn Location Services/GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth off when not in use.

Having Location services turned on all the time can lead to apps constantly fetching GPS location which drains your battery even more than if it were to be off. If you’re on the road and know you won’t be using WiFi anytime soon, it helps to turn off your WiFi, same goes for Bluetooth. A little goes a long way.

#2 Manually fetch e-mail.

If you don’t heavily rely on e-mail as a primary source of communication, then it’s safe to have your e-mail settings set to manually fetch when opening the e-mail app.

#3 Turn off notifications on certain apps.

Some apps are programmed to constantly push notifications even if it has nothing to do with you. Game apps tend to do this quite a lot as well as other apps. You’ll be saving yourself battery and annoyances from having to get rid of the notification.

#4 Watch how you charge your phone.

Make sure not to overcharge your phone. The best way to ensure a long battery life is to take care of the battery itself. Overcharging of the battery can lead to battery leakage or swelling of the battery. Some car chargers will keep charging the phone even after it reaches 100% so be on the look out for that. Although it may seem impractical, try not to use your phone while it’s charging. To get the fastest charge, you may want to turn on Airplane Mode instead of turning off and on again. Rebooting your phone uses more battery than turning airplane mode on.

#5 Keep your iPhone’s software up to date!

Sluggish performance due to buggy software tends to consume more power. Updates tend to fix certain bugs while making your phone more efficient.

#6 Use a plain background

Live wallpapers look cool but they also eat up more power! Stick to a plain image background and see if it makes a difference.

#7 Close out of apps you aren’t using

Make it a habit to close out of apps on the daily basis. Games in general tend to use up your processor, especially if it’s a 3D game. Save and close out of them when not in use.

#8 Turn your screen’s brightness down!

Majority of your power consumption comes from your iPhone’s screen! Adjust it to where it’s not too dim to get the most from your battery.





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