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Reasons why you can’t use parts from different model iPhones.

Reasons why you can’t use parts from different model iPhone

All iPhone’s look alike, most times the S model looks exactly alike from it’s predecessor. One question we get quite often is if it’s possible to fit an iPhone 5 screen to an iPhone 5s. Both iPhone’s look identical, same goes for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Usually the predecessor screens are cheaper and people tend to order the wrong screen for their phone because of this. Even though Apple likes to keep the exterior similar, they always use different parts.

Compare the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s screen above. Notice how the frame looks very similar to each other but the connectors are very different from one another. That’s because they both have different digitizer and LCD. Most times people order an iphone 5 screen to repair their iPhone 5s and once it comes down to putting it all together, they notice that the connectors are very different.

As much as we wish, we cannot use older model parts on newer model parts to cut costs. We recommend to always double check and research your phone and parts before making an order.

Every iPhone 5 series utilizes different motherboards and small components. Subtle differences but just enough to make it unable to be used by any other model.

The charging ports on the iPhone 5 series look extremely identical. Connectors are all facing the same way, antennas are placed the same, microphone and 8-pin connector align the same. Take a closer look at the gold pins and notice how they are placed differently along the flex, these are meant to make contact with the loud speaker. Another difference is that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c need a contact point on the charging port flex in order for the home button to execute. The iPhone 5s comes with the touch ID connector.


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