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Play Store’s smart uninstall feature

Play store’s smart uninstall feature

If you’re into playing games on your phone, you know how big these game applications can get, usually more than 1GB if it’s a 3D game. Running out of space isn’t a big problem on newer devices since most phone manufacturers are selling their base model phones with a 32gb internal storage and are going back to having expandable storage with an SD Card. Google tipped their hats to those who are still using older devices with 16gb storage or less.

Play store's smart uninstall feature

Google could have just flicked the switch on it, or maybe others have seen it in the past as well. We can’t be sure. It works by suggesting a user uninstalls apps that have not been used for a while, because they’re taking up space which could be used by other apps or games. It also displays how much space each unused app is using, and how much is needed for the thing that the user wants to install. These aren’t the only potentially large files on a device, though, with videos, pictures, music, and downloaded files also taking up valuable megabytes. While the Play Store links to Storage Settings, where these files can be removed, it doesn’t suggest uploading files to Google’s cloud storage options, such as Google Drive, Photos, or Play Music.