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Mac El Capitan vs Yosemite


Mac OSX El Capitan vs Yosemite

We were excited with the launch of Yosemite when it first came out in 2014. Apple promised new features and faster speeds with the upcoming update. While they did go through with the new features, we were disappointed with performance. Even with a clean install, we kept getting beachball loading cursors while attempting to do minimal tasks. After a while, we had to downgrade our machines back to Mavericks. Yosemite just wasn’t cutting it, especially for older machines.

When Apple announced their newest update for Mac OS, we were hesitant about doing the upgrade. We tried different updates of Yosemite and it was still lacking the performance and reliability of Mountain Lion and Mavericks. What good are features if you can’t use them? We were skeptic that El Capitan would be any different. We installed El Capitan out of curiosity, not expecting much from it but we were wrong. El Capitan really brought a fresh breath of air to even our older machines. No longer are we experiencing beachball loading cursors or lags.


One of our favorite features was the ability to split-view between two supported applications. I say supported because not every application window will allow this but for the most part, it’s nice to be able to multitask.


One feature that we’ve been wanting from Mac OS was the ability to hide the menu bar on top. El Capitan brought that with this update, it definitely make everything look a lot cleaner.

elcapitanmenudark elcapitanmenulight

Probably my favorite feature of all is the ability to make everything dark! It’s a very small feature but I know many people who rather have a dark interface than a light one and it’s all built into the OS. You don’t have to download any third party theme software!

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