LG unveils fingerprint sensor module
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LG unveils fingerprint sensor module that sits underneath glass.

LG unveils fingerprint sensor module that sits underneath glass. No button!

LG Innotek announced an under glass fingerprint sensor module. It means you just placed your finger on the cover glass of the phone and then it identifies your fingerprint.

This module gives the freedom of the smartphone design and even enhances the user-friendly function, for example, waterproof or protection from scratches.

Previous ‘button type’ modules required you to press a finger on a raised square or circular button for your fingerprint to be read exactly, so the sensor was usually mounted on the front, rear or side buttons of a smartphone. With Apple leading the way with having the quickest fingerprint scanner, we wonder how fast will LG’s new fingerprint sensor will work and will it work every time?

LG unveils fingerprint sensor module

LG Innotek cut a shallow furrow of 0.01 inches (0.3mm) thick on the lower backside of the cover glass and installed the fingerprint sensor inside of it with using their supreme precision and combination technology.

With this module, the sensor is not exposed to the outside of the device, so manufacturer can produce a sleek designed smartphone. Fingerprint recognition area also can be indicated by various patterns up to design of complete product.

High-strength cover glass protects the sensor and prevents it from coming in direct contact with water or damage from scratches.

At the same time, the new module secured the fingerprint recognition accuracy compared to the button type. The new module has a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 0.002%. The FAR is the probability that the system falsely recognizes someone else’s bio-metric information as that of the user.