We specialize in Laptop repair. We will be more than happy to assist and work with you on any technical problem you may have encountered with your Macbook, Laptop, or any other device.

Our Laptop repairs take a day or two in most cases. It all depends on the type of repair we have to perform. If all you need is a virus removed, we can do that within a few hours. If you need a charging port replaced, we can do that as long as we can source the part. Screen repairs don't take too long, but due to the different types of models out there and various sizes, chances are we will have to order the screen but not to worry; most of the time, we can overnight the part that way, you won't have to be long without your laptop.

It doesn't matter what kind of repair you need; we have technicians with experience handling any repair promptly. If for some reason, your computer fails to turn on, we can quickly diagnose your device and figure out what's causing it not to turn on or behave how it should. We back our repairs with a 60-day warranty.