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iPhone to Android

iPhone to Android

iPhone to Android

Switching from iPhone to Android can be a bit of a mess, especially if this is your first time testing the waters of Android. Google Drive makes it possible to back up your iPhone’s content and then restore your backed up content to your Android device.

The entire process is extremely straight forward as it simply uploads a user’s important iOS data to Google’s cloud whereupon the data is then pushed back down to a new Android device. From start to finish, the transfer process only consists of three steps.


Assuming one already has the Google Drive app, the first step is to access the backup wizard by going to Menu > Settings > Backup. From there, users can select which type of data they’d like to transfer, whether it be contacts, calendar events, photos or videos. Once selected, a user need only hit the “Start Backup” button and the uploading process will begin.

Google warns that the backup process could take several hours, so users are advised to initiate the process with their device plugged in and Wi-Fi turned on.


Once the backup process is complete, users need only to sign into their Google account on their new Android phone and the syncing process will begin automatically. From there, all of uploaded data in the cloud will summarily be downloaded to an appropriate app location on the new device.