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iOS 10 remembers where you parked your car.

iOS 10 remembers where you parked your car.

Apple’s WWDC 2016 released a lot of features for Apple devices, one that caught my eye was how Maps automatically tags where you parked your car and sets it within the app. In order for this to work, you must have Location Services ON and navigating with Maps app. To solve the problem of finding Parking, you can use regular cards, but you need to fulfill the main condition: the user has to remember to open the program and put the label on the map. Apple maps in iOS 10, you can forget about this routine once and for all: the application saves the location of the machine and makes it easy to find it on the map, without making any effort.


The search function in the iOS machine 10 is in automatic mode. When you need to remember where you parked, simply launch Apple maps and you will see where is the vehicle on the map – automatically and without any special services.