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How to enable Night Shift while on Low Power Mode.

One of the noticeable features that came out with the release of iOS 9.3 was the long awaited “Night Shift”. Night Shift performs essentially the same function on iOS devices as desktop apps like f.lux long have on the Mac: as your bed time approaches, it automatically shifts the color temperature of your display toward the warmer end of the spectrum. Night Shift is easy on the eyes, especially since most people are avid phone users even before catching some sleep. Night shift has been a great feature thus far with the only downside of it disabling Low Power Mode while it’s in use. However, there is a workaround this using Siri.

How to enable Night Shift while using Low Power Mode

Step 1: Enable Low Power Mode

Step 2: Invoke Siri and say “Enable Night Shift”

Night Shift will then enable even though Low Power Mode is on. Note that you can’t manually enable Night Shift while Low Power Mode is enabled, as its Control Center toggle is greyed out along with its preference panel in Settings → Display & Brightness.

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