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Google celebrates My Account with improvements.

Google celebrates My account with improvements


One feature that I wish I had on my Android device that iPhone does so well, is “FindMyiPhone”. Apple security is spot on, I give them that. It’s impossible to use a stolen or found iPhone unless you know the passcode to the device, you won’t be able to use it at all. Even if you do know the passcode the owner can lock you out of the device and render it useless. The FindMyiPhone feature can only do so much, it won’t find your iPhone unless it’s connected to the internet, in other words if whoever has the phone takes the sim card out, you won’t be able to find it. Even though it has its cons, the pros definitely outweigh it. Better to have it turned on than off!

Google celebrates My Account

Google is  also making it easier than ever to find My Account by searching Google. Coming soon, you’ll be able to simply search for your own name, and if you’re signed in, you’ll see a shortcut to My Account.

Google updates My Account for both IOS and Android.

“Find Your Phone” is a new section under the “My Account” hub that allows users to located their Android or iOS device. Under the “”Find Your Phone” section users can select the device they are trying to locate from the list and choose from several available actions such as ring or locate, lock phone, sign out, and reset. In addition, Google provides some helpful tips such as contacting your carrier and checking local lost and found offices. You will also be able to type “I lost my phone” in Google search to access “Find Your Phone”.

You can now locate your Android and iOS phone directly from the Google My Account page. And, to make things easier, you can just search Google for your account by saying ‘ok google, show me my google account’ and in the near future you’ll be able to search Google for ‘I lost my phone.’