how to get bluetooth in your car
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How to get Bluetooth in old car

How to get Get Bluetooth in old car

bluetooth in old car

If you have recently purchased an iPhone 7 and don’t want to deal with having to choose between charging your phone or listening to music while driving your car, we have a fix for you. A bluetooth adapter will enable you to get bluetooth capabilities even if you are in a car without a bluetooth receiver. It’s a very simple process that will require you to have an existing auxiliary port in your car’s head unit. The bluetooth adapter will relay your phone’s music to your car’s headunit which will then play through your speakers. There are a few bluetooth adapters in the market under $20 that work great.



TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver 

This bluetooth receiver is recommended for those that plan on also receiving or making calls and want hands free experience. This adapter comes with a built in microphone, no extra wires necessary. This is ideal to make your non-wireless headphones into wireless headphones. Only $12.49 on Amazon. Get it HERE.


HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The HomeSpot Bluetooth adapter is recommended if you are planning on using it for either car or home. The only draw back compared to the adapter listed above is it does not come with a built in microphone. Only $15.14 on Amazon. Get it HERE.

Generic Bluetooth Receiver USB to 3.5 aux

This one is recommended if you have an after market stereo with a built in USB in the head unit. It comes with a short auxiliary cord to connect from the adapter to the head unit. This is the cheaper of the bunch for only $9.99 on Amazon. Get it HERE.