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Case manufacturers betting on dual lens camera iPhone 7.

Case manufacturers betting on dual lens camera iPhone 7

Third party case manufacturers are betting that the iPhone 7 Plus will come with dual lens camera and a smart connector on the back. They have photos showing a cutout for the smart connector and wide dual lens camera. The side by side dual lens camera is similar to the one that the LG G5 has, the dual lens produces a wider image shot. Take a look at the video or photos below to get a better idea.



Dual lens and smart connect?


As you can see, the cut outs on this case are different from the iPhone 6 and 6s cases. Smart Connector and the dual lens could very well be the two biggest features for the iPhone. We’ve seen the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro to connect to a smart keyboard, but what about the iPhone Plus? We’re betting that Apple will utilize the Smart Connector as their new proprietary accessory port. That is if they don’t include the rumored BlueTooth earbuds that we’ve been hearing about.

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Either way, it remains unclear what advantages including a Smart Connector on the iPhone would bring. Possibilities include an interface for battery cases that would not require additional space or block the iPhone’s Lightning port, a docking station, or a potential wireless charging solution that’s paired with a charging pad.

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