Cheap iPhone Repair Shop Near Me

We offer fast and reliable iPhone repair in Houston, TX. If you are looking for a cheap iPhone Repair Shop Near me, look no further. We can have your iPhone back up and running within minutes. No need to wait days without an iPhone, we can have it done in the same day!

Cheap iPhone Repair Shop Near me

When looking for a repair shop, one should always look at the shops reviews. Reviews you can count on come from mainly Yelp and Google. One should also ask many questions before taking their iPhone in for repair. Sometimes we are conflicted that we don’t have time to shop around due to a need to have a broken screen repair as soon as possible. Fear not, here at Screen Remedy we provide fast but quality repairs every time. We offer a 60 day no questions ask warranty on our iPhone Repairs. Our technicians inspect every device after repair to ensure the repair quality. Our warranty is there for the unfortunate event that the customer finds a fault in the parts that we use for repair. This doesn’t happen often but it’s good to have some kind of warranty when dealing with repairs. Sometimes we get customers in from other shops that have turned them away for a repair job that should have been covered by the store. Even if you are experiencing issues after the 60 days, we encourage our customers to come back to see if there’s a way we can help them.