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Cheap Android Phones

Cheap android phones are on a surge. Consumers are buying budget phones and mid range phones instead of expensive flagship phones. A budget phone will run you anywhere between $80-$200, a mid range phone will run you $200-$400 and a flagship phone is anything above that. The way technology has taken off, companies have found a way to cut costs with manufacturers while provided similar specs of what an expensive flagship phone provides. While budget phones are not something new, they are making way into the US. If  you wanted to buy a Chinese phone before you had purchase it from an overseas vendor like Aliexpress or DHGate. While the price point was great, nobody liked waiting weeks for their item to cross US Customs or deal with overseas customer service. Lately, there has been a surge of Amazon Prime ready devices, which normally takes 2 days to arrive + Amazon’s great customer service.


DooGee X5