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Why you should use ad blocking software

Ad blocking software

ad blocking software

Why you should use ad blocking software. Ad blockers can do more than just block advertisements. It can block content from any website or any list of websites. Malware, being hosted on a finite number of sites around the web, is therefore blockable. One could also add sites to a blacklist of known corrupt websites. There are plenty of free ad blocker plugins for your favorite browsers. If you use Internet Explorer, stop. Download Chrome or Firefox and you’ll be much happier. Chrome and Firefox have a huge developer community that are always on top of bugs and plugin developments, such as ad blocking software.

uBlock is my current go to ad-blocker plugin for both Chrome and Firefox, it works well and it’s FREE. For those using Safari, there are plenty of extensions for you as well. AdBlocker Plus is a good alternative when using Safari. I’ve also noticed that uBlock runs more efficient and tends to block almost all ads. Using uBlock or Adblock will prevent annoying Youtube commercials as well. Sometimes we just want to watch a video without having to sit through a minute long video ad.

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Cheap Android Phones

Cheap android phones are on a surge. Consumers are buying budget phones and mid range phones instead of expensive flagship phones. A budget phone will run you anywhere between $80-$200, a mid range phone will run you $200-$400 and a flagship phone is anything above that. The way technology has taken off, companies have found a way to cut costs with manufacturers while provided similar specs of what an expensive flagship phone provides. While budget phones are not something new, they are making way into the US. If  you wanted to buy a Chinese phone before you had purchase it from an overseas vendor like Aliexpress or DHGate. While the price point was great, nobody liked waiting weeks for their item to cross US Customs or deal with overseas customer service. Lately, there has been a surge of Amazon Prime ready devices, which normally takes 2 days to arrive + Amazon’s great customer service.


DooGee X5

Prevent Youtube Ads from showing up
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YouTube is a platform we all use for a wide variety of media. Way back in the day, before Google bought YouTube and before the internet wasn’t in the palms of everyone’s hands, there were no ads. Ads are essential for companies to make revenue, but having to sit through a minute long video about how a guy has a Lamborghini and how you can to is a drag. There are different ways to getting rid of these ads on Windows, OSX and Android, iPhone’s get updates nearly once every month so every time there’s an exploit there’s an update to patch it up.


How to prevent YouTube Ads


1. Youtube Red

If you want to be legitimate about preventing ads on YouTube, they do provide a subscription based service that will take care from those ads from showing up every other video. YouTube Red


2. Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin does it all. It prevents pop-ups, it prevents ads from YouTube and it does not hog memory like other pop up blockers. It’s free and open source, cross-platform browser extension for content-filtering, including ad-blocking. Its are available for several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. uBlock Origin has received praise from technology websites, and is reported to be much less memory-intensive than other extensions with similar functionality. uBlock Origin’s stated purpose is to give users the means to enforce their own (content-filtering) choices. Chrome | Firefox | Safari


3. AdAway (Android only)

AdAway is an ad blocker that uses the hosts file. The hosts file contains a list of mappings between hostnames and IP addresses. When an app requests an ad, that request is directed to which does nothing. There are options to run a web server to respond to blocked hostnames and to direct requests to the IP address of your choosing. You can download hosts files from the app but it is possible to use your own and to add certain sites to the white- and black-lists.

unlock your device
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Reasons why you can’t use parts from different model iPhone

All iPhone’s look alike, most times the S model looks exactly alike from it’s predecessor. One question we get quite often is if it’s possible to fit an iPhone 5 screen to an iPhone 5s. Both iPhone’s look identical, same goes for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Usually the predecessor screens are cheaper and people tend to order the wrong screen for their phone because of this. Even though Apple likes to keep the exterior similar, they always use different parts.

Compare the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s screen above. Notice how the frame looks very similar to each other but the connectors are very different from one another. That’s because they both have different digitizer and LCD. Most times people order an iphone 5 screen to repair their iPhone 5s and once it comes down to putting it all together, they notice that the connectors are very different.

As much as we wish, we cannot use older model parts on newer model parts to cut costs. We recommend to always double check and research your phone and parts before making an order.

Every iPhone 5 series utilizes different motherboards and small components. Subtle differences but just enough to make it unable to be used by any other model.

The charging ports on the iPhone 5 series look extremely identical. Connectors are all facing the same way, antennas are placed the same, microphone and 8-pin connector align the same. Take a closer look at the gold pins and notice how they are placed differently along the flex, these are meant to make contact with the loud speaker. Another difference is that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c need a contact point on the charging port flex in order for the home button to execute. The iPhone 5s comes with the touch ID connector.


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Transfer Files Between Mac and Android

Transfer Files between Mac and AndroidWe have come a long way in tech, but yet so many people don’t believe Android and Mac are compatible. Contrary to popular belief, Android and Mac fit well together. Sure, perhaps not as well as iPhone and Mac and one might wonder why would one even choose a Mac when they have an Android and vice versa. The reasons behind this is simple, everyone has different needs.

Why would you use Mac & Android together?


The Apple Ecosystem is finely intergraded with every Apple device. Why would anyone with an Android want to use a Mac!? The beauty of Macs, just like Android, is the versatility one can get out of it. Just how with Android, the options are endless. You can run any Operating System on your Mac (Mac OS, Windows and/or a Linux Distro). Yes, you can even triple boot if you wanted to. It’s not as easy to run Mac on a Windows machine as it is to run Windows on a Mac. Sure, Macs are now virtually impossible to mod or upgrade but it will support software. Macs are popular within the multimedia creative professions as the software needed is constantly being updated for Mac. Similar to what iPhone App Store and Google Play store, most of the time, apps will come out for Apple devices before on Play store. Apple has more software dev support.

Android File Transfer 

How to use it

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open androidfiletransfer.dmg.
  3. Drag Android File Transfer to Applications.
  4. Use the USB cable that came with your Android device and connect it to your Mac.
  5. Double click Android File Transfer.
  6. Browse the files and folders on your Android device and copy files up to 4GB.


It’s a very simple and lightweight application but it’s necessary in order to exchange files between the two devices. Without this simple application, Mac will not be able to see the contents of your phone or SD card.

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Run Android on any PC


For quite some time, people have been working on a way to bridge an Android platform OS that’s fully compatible with any PC system. There have been a few workarounds in the past but all with a few critical bugs such as Wifi not working, bluetooth not working or apps closing out randomly. Remix OS and run it free of charge on whatever PC you might have around the house. Remix OS is an Android fork that brings over a Windows-like Android experience. Jide, the company founded by former Googlers, has decided to make the operating system available free of charge for anyone looking to run Android on their computer.

One key thing about this software is the ability to take your entire preferences and settings with you, everywhere you go. Remix OS can run from your USB so you can use virtually any computer to access your system. It’s worth noting that not only will this work with x86 PC’s but will also work with some Macs as well.

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After an upgrade, older phones tend to spend the rest of their lives inside a drawer or stowed away forgotten for years to come. Upgrade after upgrade, year after year, people tend to keep their old phones simply because they just don’t know what to do with them anymore.


1. Presence for Android and IOS.

Presence is a free App that utilizes your old phone’s camera and proximity sensor to record anything that triggers the motion sensor. The best part is being able to access the camera with either your iPad, iPhone or any android device. It doesn’t limit you to having it link to only one device. You can view everything in real time and can even communicate back and forth with the other end.


2. Install different software (Android Only)

Sometimes the main reason people want to upgrade is due to a poor running phone, this is usually the case with android phones and that’s due to software. Companies love to install pointless applications that are hard coded to your phone called bloatware. Bloatware tends to be applications that no one really uses such as your phone providers navigation, we all know everyone uses Google Maps. The only way to remove these applications is to root your device and while you’re at it, attempt to change to different roms.

3. Keep it as a backup

The last thing you want to do is lose your precious phone but if you do, it’s good to know you’ll have a backup at home instead of having to pay for a brand new phone or another used phone.

4. Sell it before it depreciates 

If you don’t intend on keeping your phone as a backup, the last thing you want to do is keep it long enough for the phone to depreciate more than what it has. It’s important to keep your phone protected with a case, no one is going to pay top dollar for a phone that has scratches and dents all over.

5. Give it away

Older model phones make a great gift to the young people in your family. Typically, older phones are less expensive to repair. If something were to happen, you wouldn’t be breaking bank and it takes them away from using your new phone.

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Using the wrong screws can be costly

Using the wrong screws can be costly

If you’ve ever had to repair an iPhone you’ll know they have a ridiculous number of screws. Most companies standardize screws in their products, but since Apple doesn’t expect or want you to service your iPhone yourself, they use different length screws. Using the wrong screws can be costly.

Using the wrong screws can be costly


You see, each of these screws is different. The red ones are 1.7mm long, the yellow one, 1.3mm, and the orange one, 1.2mm.

Guess what happens if you install either red or yellow screws into the orange spot, since your eyesight isn’t good enough to notice a 0.1mm difference? The screw will cut into the PCB and break several 50 micron traces, as shown in the picture above, causing a blue screen error on the phone. The only way to repair this is by micro-soldering wires to make the connection again. What started off as a simple screen repair ends up being a costly logic board repair. Make sure to keep all screws organized and know where to put them once they’re off.

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HDD and SSD Explained
The traditional spinning hard drive (HDD) is the basic nonvolatile storage on a computer. That is, it doesn’t “go away” like the data on the system memory when you turn the system off. Hard drives are essentially metal platters with a magnetic coating. That coating stores your data (music, documents, videos, application files). A read/write head on an arm accesses the data while the platters are spinning in a hard drive enclosure.
An SSD does much the same job functionally as an HDD, but instead of a magnetic coating on top of platters, the data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that retain the data even when there’s no power present. The chips can either be permanently installed on the system’s motherboard, on a PCI/PCIe card, or in a box that’s sized, shaped, and wired to slot in for a laptop or desktop’s hard drive. These flash memory chips differ from the flash memory in USB thumb drives in the type and speed of the memory. That’s the subject of a totally separate technical treatise, but suffice it to say that the flash memory in SSDs is faster and more reliable than the flash memory in USB thumb drives. SSDs are consequently more expensive than USB thumb drives for the same capacities.

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Play Store Sale until July 6th!

Google will be throwing its first-ever storewide sales event, which covers apps, games, books, and music. Over the course of the next few weeks, you will see discounts wherever you look in the Play Store, and some of these may be super-enticing.

Starting today and lasting until July 6th, you will find discounts on some of your favorite apps, games, and books. Google has offer 50% discounts on subscriptions to various offered services.