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Bloated batteries in laptops.


It doesn’t matter what type of laptop you have, batteries are all pretty much the same. They all have a shelf life and a come with a limited amount of charge cycles. Common knowledge says that after about 300 to 500 cycles, a Li-Ion battery degrades to 80% of its full capacity, and while there are other important factors (like temperature, which negatively affects battery longevity), knowing the cycles is crucial.


What causes battery swelling?

  • Usage habits (misuse). The damage on the battery could be cause of your own habits when you use the device. The biggest cause of bloated batteries are over charging or over discharging.
Tips : Avoid to charging your laptop battery all night long, it will make your battery over charging. Charge your battery as necessary, and discharging it when the battery icon showing that the battery has been fully charged. And don’t wait to charge till your smartphone’s getting die because of low power on the batteries. Quickly charge it when it shown a low level battery warning, or turn it off if you can’t find any power supplies. Don’t use your smartphone while charging, it will make your smartphone overheating and it may cause some damage on the battery.
  • Overusing laptop. Playing games nonstop, browsing, or anything that make your laptop displays always on will make your battery go the extra mile.
  • Using charger that not in accordance. Is it affect to the battery healthy? Yes it is.
Tips : Always use the original charger or charger of proper amps.

What can I do if my battery gets swollen?

All you have to do is replace it with the new one, as soon as possible (before it get leak) because you cannot fix it. If you’re still using that swollen battery, it may cause some damage on your device or more importantly, to you.

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