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Benefits of a clean OS install

Benefits of a clean OS install


The real benefits from the clean install include more than just a speed boost, they also encompass the following improvements as well:

  • Vastly increased system stability: even though the previous install reported back from DISM /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth with no component store corruption, it suffered from numerous quirks and instabilities. Not the least of these was recurring issues with the Start menu (subsequent research lays responsibility for these faults on Dropbox, BTW, not MS).
  • Reduced system clutter: a clean install sweeps away all updates and applications that are outdated and/or unused.  That’s because (a) they don’t get applied or (b) because they don’t get re-installed.
  • Faster boot and shutdown times: Since none of the old system files will be present, everything will run as smooth as intended to.

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