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Avoid clicking on ‘’

Be wary of clicking or tapping on links that are making the rounds on social media. Pranksters are sharing the link to the website, often using shortened URLs to hide the address. If you click, it takes you to a malicious website that crashes iPhones, iPads and Mac safari browsers.

The site contains software created in Javascript code which generates an infinite string of characters that overwhelms the device’s memory.

The bug crashes Safari, Chrome for Windows, Mac and iOS, and forces a reboot of iPhones and iPads. The bug also heats up and restarts Android devices.

How to prevent it from crashing your browser:

For Mac Users – 

  • Open Safari Browser
  • Go to Preferences
  • Go to Search
  • Un-select the ‘Include Search Engine Selections’ button
  • Restart Browser

Another alternative is to use the incognito mode which can be accessed by clicking on file, and then clicking on New Private Window

For iOS users –

  • Go to settings
  • Find and open Safari there
  • Turn off Safari Suggestions

For the iOS users, the alternative is to tap the right-most button on the bottom strip of Safari Browser to open the tab-switcher, and there select ‘Private’.

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