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Automate Android Device Tasks with Tasker

Automation should be stock with every smartphone, it makes it possible for the system to run whatever tasks we tell it to run at whatever time appropriate. Say if you want a certain playlist to play whenever your earphones are plugged in, Tasker can do that for you. If you want your Wifi to automatically turn on once you’re home, Tasker can do that. Tasker is an application for Android which performs tasks (sets of actions) based on contexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined profiles or in clickable or timer home screen widgets. Unfortunately, Tasker is only available for Android OS but there is another application for IOS users called WorkFlow. It may not give you entire freedom but it will allow you to automate certain tasks.

1. Night Mode

Description – Turn WiFi OFF, activate silent mode at night and then deactivate it in the morning. Save battery.

Profiles > Click on + sign > Choose Time for your night mode > Add new task and give it a name you want

Task > Give it a name (optional) > Tap on the “+” icon > Audio > silent mode > On.

Goto the task once again > Tap on the “+” icon > Net > WiFi > Off

night profile in tasker

2. Emergency Text

Description – Send an automatic SMS to your loved once (specific number) when your battery is about to die.

Profile > State > Power > Battery level > Set it between 5 to 0 %.

Set up new task for this profile > Give it a name > click on the + icon > Phone > Send Sms > Specify the number and enter the text.


3. Keep Screen On

Description – Temporary disable the automatic screen off, when you use reading apps like pocket or reddit. This way, you don’t have to touch the screen frequently.

Profile > Application > Select the apps, for which you want to keep screen ON.

Set up new task for this profile > Give it a name > click on the + icon > Display > Display timeout > increase the time limit to your desire level.

4. Start playing Music when headphones are plugged

Description – When you plug-in your headphones, the phone will automatically launch your favorite music player, increase the volume to desire level and then start playing music.

Profile > State > Hardware > Headset Plugged > Any

New task > click on the + icon > App > Launch App > Select your music player app.

To play music automatically, you will need media utilities plugin. Watch this video.

5. Launch one Application automatically after another

Description – In the morning I usually check for my mails first, followed by Google analytics, Adsense, and few social media. You can automate it such that, next app will open automatically when you close the former one.

Profile > Application > Select your first application from the list.

New task > click on the + icon > App > Launch App > Select the app that you want to after you close first app.

This will launch the second app just after first is launch, but we want the second app to launch when we are done with first app. So, come back to profile section > tap on the second app name > select move to exit option.

6. Toggle WiFi and 3G

Description – People use WiFi at home and turn OFF 3G but when they go out they prefer 3G as there is no WiFi. So without toggling this manually, you can use Tasker to automate it.

See detail steps from here. (Since I only have WiFi tablet)

7. Silent Incoming calls by turning your phone

Description – If you are in the meeting and receive a call, you can quickly put your phone in silent mode, by changing its screen orientation to face down. (In most Android pressing volume key also silent incoming calls )

Profile > State > Sensor > Orientation > face down

New task > click on the + icon > Audio > Silent Mode > On

8. Shake your phone to turn on flash light

Description – If your phone supports LED flash then you can shake your Android to turn ON flash lights. This is useful when light goes off and you don’t have time to go through settings.

Start with download Tesla Led Plugin from Google Play. Again I don’t have Android with LED support, but I am sure now you can do it on your own. Here is overview that will help.

Profile > Event > Sensor > Shake > Choose your preference

New task > click on the + icon > Third party > TeslaLed > make desire changes

 9. Notify when the battery is charge

Description – Best practice is to charge battery at 30-40% and stop at 80-90%. Overcharging or Over-draining affect battery life. Therefore you can use Tasker to set up an alert when your batter level goes down to 30 and exceed 80%.

Profile> Event > Power > Battery Full > set the priority as you like

Now create a new task > click on the + icon > Alert > Notify Sound > type in ‘Disconnect Battery’ or something like that in tittle

10. Lock your applications

Description – Password protected apps, you don’t want other to use.

In the profile section >  Click on + sign > application > select the applications you want to lock

Now create a new task > click on the + icon >Display > Lock > Enter the password

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