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Apple Watch 2 Rumors.

Apple Watch 2 Rumors.

apple watch 2 rumors

With the release of the Apple Watch 2 coming in next month, we haven’t really heard any Apple Watch 2 rumors. Wearables are still falling behind with tech enthusiasts since it doesn’t really offer much that a smartphone does and with the price tag of $299 – $349, one can save money by sticking to the watch they already own. Wearables do have a promising future ahead with the upcoming tech developments, we can see how they will be more a more common and hopefully a bit less expensive.



1. A new and practical wristband

At first, those who wanted to change out their Apple Watch wristbands had to wait until some became available. Apple wasn’t the only company that did this, a lot of second gen smartwatches are implementing 22mm interchangeable watch strap design. This might not just be for Apple Watch 2 owners, but if it happens, it’s sure to launch at the same time. Earlier this year, Apple applied for a patent; that suggests they’ve got big plans for the regular wristband. Simply called Magnetic wristband, the strap looks like it’ll be great for easily attaching to your wrist, as well as potentially doubling as a stand.


2. Less clunky, more stylish?

As with other smartwatches, the first generations were all a bit clunky while the second generations wound up being slimmer. Some analysts are aiming that Apple will reduce bulkiness by as much as 30%-40%.


3. Cellular connectivity and possibly GPS?

From June 1 onwards, all Apple Watch apps must be native apps, meaning that they can run without the need for an iPhone by its side. Like most smartwatches in the early years, they needed to be paired via bluetooth to a device in order for apps to work, such as running apps and map apps.

The Apple Watch doesn’t have its own GPS capabilities, relying on your iPhone. Is this time for the Apple Watch to be able to go it alone, courtesy of cellular connectivity? It’d be a huge addition to the smartwatch’s capabilities.