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Android N biggest features.

Android N biggest features.

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Although some phones come with this feature (Note series and LG G-series) Android’s lack of split-screen multitasking coming to Android N is putting things right. The split-screen feature works on phones, too, and is accessed by holding down the task-switching button. It’s pretty intuitive, and on a Nexus 6 is kind of like having two BlackBerry screens at once.


The notifications shade has been completely revamped in N. Things are much tighter visually, with a full-width design and smaller icons making better use of space. Notifications are more functional, too — you can now expand them twice successively to see more information and take action. There are also little buttons to expand each notification if you don’t feel like swiping.


The settings menu has also undergone a welcome revamp. The first thing you’ll notice is at the top, where there are now suggestions for things you may not have done with your phone yet, like set up email accounts or voice commands. Each option on the list also gives you a little slice of relevant information, which could save you some menu-diving — you can check your storage capacity, current Wi-Fi network, data usage, and so on right from the menu.

Virtual reality

Although there’s nothing really new in the current public beta, VR is a big piece of the Android N puzzle. Google is launching an entire new Android platform going by the name of Daydream that succeeds its Cardboard initiative. You’ll need a Daydream-certified phone with the right kind of display and sensors, and they’ll work with a new VR mode in Android to improve performance inside headsets.

Keyboard themes!

Okay, so this might not be the biggest deal in the world, but there are now a ton of themes for the stock Google keyboard. You can choose various colors, add or remove the borders between keys, and even set a photo as a backdrop. It’s honestly kind of neat.


Google claims performance increases in various directions with just about every version of Android, and this one’s no different. N is adopting a new graphics API called Vulkan, which is also starting to see use in PC gaming and should help deliver more efficient visual performance on phones and tablets.

New emoji

Google is updating their emojis, giving its quirky blobs a more uniform appearance. The company is also proposing that the Unicode Consortium adopt 13 new emoji to better represent professional women in the universal character set.