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Why you should use ad blocking software

Why you should use ad blocking software

Ad blocking software

ad blocking software

Why you should use ad blocking software. Ad blockers can do more than just block advertisements. It can block content from any website or any list of websites. Malware, being hosted on a finite number of sites around the web, is therefore blockable. One could also add sites to a blacklist of known corrupt websites. There are plenty of free ad blocker plugins for your favorite browsers. If you use Internet Explorer, stop. Download Chrome or Firefox and you’ll be much happier. Chrome and Firefox have a huge developer community that are always on top of bugs and plugin developments, such as ad blocking software.

uBlock is my current go to ad-blocker plugin for both Chrome and Firefox, it works well and it’s FREE. For those using Safari, there are plenty of extensions for you as well. AdBlocker Plus is a good alternative when using Safari. I’ve also noticed that uBlock runs more efficient and tends to block almost all ads. Using uBlock or Adblock will prevent annoying Youtube commercials as well. Sometimes we just want to watch a video without having to sit through a minute long video ad.

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